Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wow Lady Gaga Hilang Keperawanan pada Usia 17 Tahun

Singer Lady Gaga spoke bluntly about her sex life. Chanter 'Bad Romance' was admitted losing virginity at the age of 17 years.

"I did not lose virginity until the age of 17 years. I must say, I was not ready and it is a very bad experience," says Gaga.

The singer's full name Joanne Angelina Stefani Germanotta it's changing views about sex when she knew her boyfriend, Carl Luc. According to him, the pleasure of new love will be felt if both partners have a strong foundation of love.

"Sex is the biggest statement of vulnerability, and to me it is important to know that I was in the right relationship. Thus, sex as a source of love,"explained the singer who just released their new single 'Born This Way' was.

Lady Gaga