Thursday, March 3, 2011

Foto Megan Fox Pamer Tubuh Seksi di Jalan Raya!

It seems beyond doubt if Megan Fox is one woman who is considered the most sexy and most beautiful world. However, it seems the model and the 24-year-old actress took one more evidence to reinforce this imagenya. Namely the 'exhibit' the body beautiful on the highway!

Megan who lays on a stick, just wearing jeans from Armani, without any employer-piece! By pose, once again Brian Austin Green's wife is showing off a tattoo on shoulder and back.

Tattoo on his shoulder is taken from a line of Shakespeare that said, "We will from all laugh at Gilded butterflies." Other tattoos decorating her ribs read, "Those were the resource persons danced WHO Quite thought to be insane by those WHO Could not hear the music."

Megan Fox