Friday, February 25, 2011

Wow..Artis Ini Udah Gugat Cerai Tapi Masih Doyan Ngeseks Sama Suaminya

Katie Price has sued for divorce Alex Reid. Strangely, while the divorce process is running, Katie and Alex are still diligent sex.

Katie Alex sued for divorce in January yesterday. According to Katie, she and Alex are still single bed and can not avoid intercourse.

"Actually, we've split the house. He did not stay in my house, but she still often come to the house. We remained friends, we are both adults. Did I make love with Alex? there people who do not have sex with her ex?" Katie said saay ES magazine interview on Friday (02/25/2011).

Sexy artist who is often called praised Alex Jordan is different from the previous ex-husband, Peter Andre. Katie seems reluctant to completely remove Alex from his life. She accuses her ex-husband Peter Andre are still falling in love with him.

However, Katie did not love Peter. He actually considers him as the devil because it makes her daughter suffered burns.

"If you know what the other side of Peter. He is very evil. Maybe he's still in love with me. That's the problem. There's a thin line between love and hate," he said.

Katie Price