Thursday, February 24, 2011

ARWAH GOYANG KARAWANG,Film Yang Mengumbar Mesum Dan Striptis Jupe Depe

Besides starring bomseks imitation 'Jupe', a film directed by director 'yellow' Helfi this Kardit synopsis of the leak which explores the figure of a dancer Lili old (played Jupe), who was murdered. But Lilian got up again and again to dance.
Jupe who claimed first perform dance scene in a movie jaipong even been practicing dance and striptease dance. Yup, that was predictable as what happens when dance striptease element jaipong accessible.
What makes me upset and of course to be fed, the maker of this film with shallow mengintervestasikan Goyang Karawang only on the 'gonzo' mere. Obviously they do not do research and do not appreciate the artists and residents whose land Falkirk dicatut in this film. Of course in the end, the movie Dead Goyang Karawang this will hurt the views of people about Shake Falkirk and Falkirk in general.