Tuesday, February 22, 2011

JENGLOT PANTAI SELATAN,Film Yang Mengumbar Payudara Dan Kemolekan Tubuh Wanita

Having dominated the drama began early in the film, a horror drama nan sexy comes back. SOUTH BEACH Jenglot without doubt spit (sorry) of breast and other body parts comely woman. Especially look at the title that uses the word beach. So maybe it is fine if clothes bikini dominate. This film has no value a strong moral message.

In the first ten minutes, the film did manage to build the image of horror. However, because all the stories culminate Jenglot death at the hands of the player without a bright spot, the film becomes tedious.

Jenglot discovery with an odd shape, like a terrible reptiles shocking residents south coast. What makes the difference Jenglot, he does not like a piece of wood in general, her skin is still soft, but stiff as he had long preserved by a shaman Jenglot with flower water. And then the person is returning Jenglot into the sea.