Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Foto Hot Artis Melinda Berbikini di Pantai Bali

Melinda Want to Change Negative Perception 'Cinta Satu Malam'

Cinta Satu Malam Song sung by a former lover Saiful Jamil, Melinda is now turned out to reap success. Many do not know that the lyrics of the song is a personal experience of the singer's own. Indeed, it is undeniable that the negative connotations of music lovers will arise when trying to understand the lyrics of the song.

However, Melinda through his manager, Rendy, hope people do not see only the negative side only. Rendy hope people take from the positive side as well for this song becomes a lesson for the women to always keep his honor. "We hope people do not take from the negative side of the content of lyrics to Cinta Satu Malam, because the song was for the lesson for the women to maintain his honor," said Rendy when contacted by telephone on Wednesday.